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Attendance Policy

Attendance Office 434-974-4310


  • If a student will be absent for the day, call the attendance office before 9:00 a.m. Provide and spell the student’s full legal name & reason for absence
  • Follow this phone call with a written explanation of the absence.  Notes should be submitted to the attendance office.



  • If a student will be late for school, call the attendance office as soon as possible.  Provide and spell the student’s full legal name & reason for being late. 
  • The student should report to the attendance office upon arrival to school to sign in and get a pass to class.



  • If a student will be leaving early, the parent/guardian should call the attendance office before 10:00 a.m.  The student will receive an early release pass allowing them to leave the classroom at the designated time. 
  • If you do not call ahead to arrange early release, please be aware there will be a delay in release while we locate your student. 
  • All students must check out at the attendance office before leaving school grounds



  • We encourage all students to be on time (within the classroom when the bell sounds) to each of their class(es) at all times. 
  • Students are marked tardy if they arrive to class during the first 15 minutes.  
  • County policy remains enforced - 3 tardies to a single class equals 1 absence. 



  • Students are not allowed to ride a different bus without a bus pass
  • Note or phone call to the attendance office before noon so a pass can be written. Please spell the students first and last name and if sending a note provide a phone number.


Parents, please keep track of student absences, late arrivals or early dismissals during the school year.