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Arts and Letters Pathway

The Arts and Letters Pathway is an extension of the Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts classes at Albemarle High Schools. It permits students to choose among fifteen areas of concentration, and in addition to course study, students will participate in job shadowing, mentorships, and a capstone project to be completed during your senior year in your pathway strand. 

Students wanting to complete a Pathway must complete a Declaration of Intent form and may enter the Pathway in either 9th or 10th grade.

For more information, view the following PDFs and/or speak to Mrs. Jennifer Morris, ALP Director (Chorus Room #69). For more content specific questions, feel free to speak to your Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or Creative Writing, or Media Publications teachers.

How do I apply to be in an Arts & Letters Pathway?

  • There is no application for the Arts & Letters Pathway
  • You simply need to complete a Declaration of Intent form. Once completed, Mrs. Morris will contact you to help you get started on your strand of the Pathway.
  • The online declaration form can be found here.

Creative Writing Strand

Media Publications Strand -Journalism, Broadcast,  or Film making

Music Strand- Band, Orchestra, Choral or Piano

Theatre Strand

Visual Arts Strand- Art, Ceramics, or Photography