Clubs and Activities

Clubs, Activities and Honor Societies

AHS students have numerous clubs from which to choose in order to pursue their passions, including clubs focused around academic, social, service, recreational, and professional vocations.  Many of the clubs meet during Club Day schedule held 10 times per year, though some may choose to meet before or after school.   All postings must be approved by the administration prior to being anywhere in the building, announced on the morning T.V., etc.
All official clubs must meet the following criteria:
1. A current faculty sponsor who attends all meetings and event.
2. An active membership of 10 or more students.
3. A club constitution on file with the club coordinator that addresses the club’s leadership structure, purpose and specific membership requirements.

Requests to form a new club must be submitted to the club coordinator with a copy of the club's constitution with a list of possible members. Requests are reviewed by both the club coordinator and administrator before a club becomes official.​

​Honor Societies

Albemarle High School offers many opportunities for students to achieve membership in an honor society. We offer a wide variety of honor societies, including core subject area, world language, service, and fine and performing arts honor societies, in addition to the National Honor Society.                               
Although the selection criteria vary between the organizations, all require that members be of good character and achieve a minimum academic standard.  Many require that the members perform service while members of the honor society.  When students are inducted into these honor societies, they sign a pledge to uphold the responsibilities of membership.
Members who do not live up to those responsibilities into the society may have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  The primary requirement of these societies is students maintain good “character.”  Members who make bad decisions resulting in suspension from school, break laws or cheat will have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  Members who do not live up to the expectations of an honor society may be disciplined by that society’s committee and may have their membership revoked.
Learn more about requirements for clubs and honor societies at our website​.​

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