Clubs and Activities

Clubs, Activities and Honor Societies

AHS students have numerous clubs from which to choose in order to pursue their passions, including clubs focused around academic, social, service, recreational, and professional vocations.  Many of the clubs meet during Club Day schedule held 10 times per year, though some may choose to meet before or after school.   All postings must be approved by the administration prior to being anywhere in the building, announced on the morning T.V., etc.
All official clubs must meet the following criteria:
1. A current faculty sponsor who attends all meetings and event.
2. An active membership of 10 or more students.
3. A club constitution on file with the club coordinator that addresses the club’s leadership structure, purpose and specific membership requirements.

Requests to form a new club must be submitted to the club coordinator with a copy of the club's constitution with a list of possible members. Requests are reviewed by both the club coordinator and administrator before a club becomes official.​

​Honor Societies

Albemarle High School offers many opportunities for students to achieve membership in an honor society. We offer a wide variety of honor societies, including core subject area, world language, service, and fine and performing arts honor societies, in addition to the National Honor Society.                               
Although the selection criteria vary between the organizations, all require that members be of good character and achieve a minimum academic standard.  Many require that the members perform service while members of the honor society.  When students are inducted into these honor societies, they sign a pledge to uphold the responsibilities of membership.
Members who do not live up to those responsibilities into the society may have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  The primary requirement of these societies is students maintain good “character.”  Members who make bad decisions resulting in suspension from school, break laws or cheat will have their membership status reviewed by the society’s committee.  Members who do not live up to the expectations of an honor society may be disciplined by that society’s committee and may have their membership revoked.

AHS Clubs & Organizations

Albemarle Student Voice

ASV's purpose is to help students in high school be informed and connected to local politics in the county/government. The club will revolve around county policy and how it affects students (primarily teenagers) and their day-to-day experiences. It's a way for students to get their voices heard on important issues happening in the community.

Club Sponsor

Esmeralda Amos

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people – no matter who they are or where they are. Through petitions, letters and protests we work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied.

Beat Club

Come be creative. We are club where anyone with interests in learning audio production or someone who wants more practice can all collaborate. We share our beat creations to inspire and help each other grow.

Black Student Union

This Union was established in order to educate students and members about black history as more than simply a side note or chapter in our history books and more!

Book Club

Join the AHS book group! To learn more, email

Connect Club

Connect Club is a club that unites students with differing abilities together to build casual friendships. Our club works to raise money for the CBIP classroom to purchase holiday gifts and games to play. We also branch out in the community including work with the Special Olympics. We have 30+ members looking to continue this year.

Club Sponsor

Michelle Benedict

Debate Team

Interested in learning how to debate? If so, join the AHS Debate Club. UVA students from the Charlottesville Debate League will be your mentors teaching you everything you need to know via virtual meetings. You will practice your debate skills and get the opportunity to participate in virtual tournaments throughout the year. Check our website for more info -

Club Sponsor

Chris Lennon

Dungeons and Dragons Club

In the AHS Dungeons and Dragons club, create your own heroic mage or warrior and go on thrilling adventures with others. Play with your friends or meet new adventuring comrades. Even in a virtual setting, we're still keeping the magic of the game alive.

Club Sponsor

Sean Lucia

English Honor Society

National English Honor Society is for juniors and seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in English throughout high school. Membership is done through an application process and the club participates in a number of community service and school activities during the year.

Club Sponsor

Tom Panarese


Fanime is Fans of Anime. Come and share your appreciation of the media form and all the connected culture behind it with fellow students. Share your favorites, learn about others, find new favorites and make friends.

FCA: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (you don't have to be an athlete). FCA’s vision is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes (and anyone committed to living like Christ). This club’s hope is to lead any athlete or student in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, while valuing integrity, serving, and teamwork.

Club Sponsor

Brittany Cramer

Forensics Team

Forensics isn't the CSI/SVU type of forensics. Oh, no! Our Forensics is a multiple state-championship award-winning competition team that spans improvisation to recitation to speech to literature. Does this sound like it's up your alley? More information coming soon!

French Honor Society

National French Honor Society is for students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in French 3, as well as honorable character. Membership is done through a nomination / invitation process in the Fall. The club participates in a number of community service and school activities during the year.

Club Sponsor

Diane Espinosa

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Future Educators of America’s purpose is to foster the recruitment and development of prospective educators through the research, practice and reflection. By elevating the image of teaching, FEA will attract dynamic and diverse students who will become tomorrow’s great educators.

Club Sponsor

Crystal Randall

German Club

If you're interested in the German language and want to know more about the countries that speak German, this club is for you. You do not need to speak German to be able to have fun in this club. We will be playing games, making friends, listening to music and so much more.

Club Sponsor

Mary Montalbine

If you are in German 3, 4 or AP you could be elligible to be part of this Honor Society. We will learn more about German and the culture that surrounds the language. We will have virtual city tours of cities in Europe. We will also help our community as well as we can virtually. If you are already part of this Honor Society please join us. If you would like to be part of the Honor Society please let us know and we will send you an application.

Club Sponsor

Mary Montalbine


GIS club is an organization that introduces and supports students using geospatial technologies. Activities include: making webGIS maps, hosting guest speakers, piloting drones, using GIS for social good.

Club Sponsor

Chris Bunin

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity Club provides outreach into the local community through direct volunteer services such as new home construction and neighborhood revitalization. This club also works together to provide fundraising, to advocate for those in need of safer housing within the local community, and to educate those within the community on the need for stable housing, as well as the mission of Habitat for Humanity.

Club Sponsor

Steve Turner

Harry Potter Club

The Harry Potter Club is a club for all things Harry Potter! From books, to movies, to spells & potions, we dive deeper into the phenomenon that is Harry Potter!

Club Sponsor

Katie Christie

Improv Club

Improv is defined as a live theater setting in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a game, scene or story are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration to get started. This club will be used as an environment to express yourself and take risks iin a safe space. For reference, feel free to check out the show "Who's line is it anyway?" It'll also be SO much fun. If you're creative, think you're hilarious, and/or are dramatic, then THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU!!

Club Sponsor

Gabi Dancha

Interact Club

Join us if you like to have fun while doing social service projects! Interact club is the high school version of Rotary Club, we like to help our community while having a great time. Take time to look at our website and instagram page @albemarle.interact We hope to see you at our first meeting!

Club Sponsor

Andrea Davis

Junior Classical League (JCL)

JCL is an organization dedicated to celebrating and promoting Latin and Greek in the modern world. We commemorate holidays, reenact rituals, go to CONVENTION, and generally have a great time. You do not need to be in Latin or Greek in order to join the club.

Club Sponsor

Matt Clay

Key Club

Key Club is a service and leadership focused organization that has over 100 active members at AHS. We participate in many service projects throughout the area and look forward to finding ways to impact our community in these uncertain times. Key Club is also a great way to meet new people that have similar interests as you in the process of serving the community.

Club Sponsor

Ian Lyons


Latinx es un club disenado para los estudiantes hispanos y tambien los que hablan espanol. Pasaremos tiempo juntos, compartiremos ideas y informacion, y planearemos eventos (si es posible despues) All people are welcome to join this club.

Club Sponsor

Sarah Reyes

LBGTQ (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)

Gender & Sexuality Alliance provides outreach and inclusion for all students who identify as LGBTQIA+, students who are questioning for themselves, and those who care for and support them. We participate in the GLSEN Annual Day of Silence and other positive, supportive activities throughout the school year. We plan weekly meetings to support and educate.

Club Sponsors

Sarah Reyes & Adriana Nannini

Make A Change (M.A.C.)

We decided to make M.A.C. club to try and “Make a Change” in our community. Our club is centered around eco-friendly crafts that can hopefully replace the items that are harmful to the environment. Our club is planning to work on various crafts and projects such as homemade car fresheners made out of recycled paper with scented seeds in the middle so that when you use it all up, you can plant the seed, journals/cards made out of recycled paper that we can gift to retirement homes on holidays, sleeping mats made out of plastic bags for the homeless, and many more projects.

Club Sponsor

Kellie Oxley

Math Club

Math Club prepares for and participates in a variety of math competitions throughout the year. We also organize math events for middle school students.

Club Sponsor

David Woodward

Model UN

Are you interested in International Affairs? Have you been wanting to improve your skills in public speaking and diplomatic negotiation? Do you live for a good midnight crisis? Then we are the club for you! We attend 1-2 United Nations simulation conferences per year.

No club sponsor at this time.

Mountain Bike Team

The AHS mountain bike club is open to anyone who is interested in riding, regardless of ability. There are 2 practices a week and a longer ride on the weekends. Practices are held at Preddy Creek, O Hill, Tevendale Farms, and on the AHS trails. In the fall and spring, there are races if you are interested. The races are not mandatory but are a lot of fun as we compete against 30 different teams from around the state. No bike? No problem. We do have a small number of team bikes that can be used for a season. Follow us on our website or on Instagram at @albemarlemtb.

Club Sponsor

Jeff Schwalm

Muslim Students Association

Welcome! The purpose of this club is to provide Muslim students at AHS with a place to share common experiences, discuss important issues, explore religious practice, and strengthen our sense of identity. All are welcome - those who identify as Muslim, however you practice, and those who do not, if you are curious to learn more about this faith system.

Club Sponsor

Ayesha Ahmad

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is for seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Membership is done through an application process and the club participates in a number of community service and school activities during the year. Invitations to apply will be coming out at the end of September.

Club Sponsor

Katie Christie

National Social Studies Honor Society

The National Social Studies Honor Society is a space for students to delve more deeply into the historical topics that impact our world and use the knowledge to fight for change. Rho Kappa requires that students have demonstrated outstanding achievement in Social Studies and currently be in the 11th or 12th grade.

Club Sponsor

Marilyn Krieger

Philosophers of the Phuture Podcast

We invite you to come and be a part of The Philosophers of the Phuture Podcast where we have deep discussions about important topics that matter to you. We are not afraid to ask or be asked hard questions about life, existence and what it means to be a human being. Our desire is to help you discover self-worth, identity, purpose and meaning for your life.

Club Sponsor

Bernard Hankins






Ping Pong
Poetry Club

Come consider the poeticism of language and our surroundings! We are a creative group that likes to read and write poetry. Most meetings are discussion-heavy and include a writing prompt and challenge.

Pollinator Habitat Club

You can help create a Habitat of Pollinators where our smallest animals can thrive. This is incredibly important for a sustainable society. We will supply you with wood to make bird, bee and bat boxes, we will deliver them to your house and voila, you can build them. Lots of planning must go on to select the native trees, shrubs and plants we need in your schools very own habitat pollinator garden. We might even make a small pond this year. If you like to be outside, then this is the club for you.

Club Sponsors

Erin Wise-Ackenbom & Erin England

Robotics Club

Explore robotics and engineering with students who are passionate about competing in First Robotics Competitions. Learn how to plan, construct, program and present a robot in a competition setting. Teams are student led with those who have prior experience and great leadership ability. If any of these topics interest you, please stop by and help us continue this great program.

Club Sponsor

Trey Barlow


Student Council Association! We are an elected body that serves the needs of the student body, and works with administrators to represent students' interests. SCA also produces incredible fun at AHS, like the Homecoming Dance and Spirit Week, Prom, and pep rallies. We support other clubs and groups at school, and strive to create a strong community at school. Improve your leadership skills and build relationships--join SCA!

Club Sponsor

Nikki Shrader

Senior Citizens Service Club

Come be a part of something to positively impact the Charlottesville community. Our club will work with nursing homes and other facilities to help our senior citizens feel valued connected, especially during these difficult times with COVID.

Club Sponsor

Nikki Shrader

Spanish Honor Society

National Spanish Honor Society is for students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in Spanish, as well as honorable character. Membership is done through a nomination / invitation process in the Fall. The club participates in a number of community service and school activities during the year.

Club Sponsor

John Glass

SWENext - Society of Women Engineers

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a global organization of women engineers and engineering students. They also engage with high school students to help them to understand engineering school, engineering careers, and participate in engineering-related activities. There are SWE chapters at UVA, VaTech and VCU engineering schools. This club as well as all clubs are open to all interested students.

Club Sponsor

Kevin Huff

The Laundry Project

The Laundry Project Club's goal is to empower individuals, inspire our community, and change the trajectory of lives for the better. We do this through completely free laundry events that are staffed by volunteers and funded by donations that empower underprivileged individuals in our community, who cannot afford to wash their clothes on a regular basis, by giving them the dignity of clean clothing.

(Women of A-Town) Girls Athletic Leadership Club

This club is for female athletes that want to empower and support female athletes whether it is themselves, their team, club/travel team, as well as focus on leadership and team building skills. All while support AHS athletic teams! Will have both AHS athletes speaking and many guest speakers (UVA athletes, coaches, etc.) More information to come! Open to all students.

Club Sponsor

Lauren Thraves

Young Progressives

We are anyone that aligns themselves with the Democratic party and who wish to help get Democrats elected as well as push for democratic ideals and the agenda. This is a safe place. We're all are welcome and respected regardless of who you are. We want young people like ourselves to be engaged in our democratic system and instill the idea of how important it is to be civically engaged. Whether that is just voting or protesting for what you believe is right. Our mission is to get high schoolers engaged and to get people to vote.

Club Sponsor

Sharon Webb

YWLP (Young Women Leaders Program)

We work to empower young women all throughout our AHS and Albemarle County community. This will be our second year with new leadership, so our goals are to raise more awareness and money for women run organizations, and to provide a safe space for our ladies at AHS to share and build together.

Club Sponsor

Anna Dinwiddie