Instructional Partnerships

Library Services in an Online Learning Setting. How we can help you in the times of COVID-19. 1. Instruction. We are here to co-plan research and/or independent reading projects! We can teach synchronously or pre-record videos for your specific course for topics such as search strategies, source analysis, digital citizenship, book talks, citations, bias in the news, and more! 2. Differentiation. Do you need help facilitating literature circles or small groups of students analyzing primary sources? Do you need to find leveled texts or various reading levels for the same topic? We can help! We can also take small groups on virtual field trips or augmented reality experiences! 3. Resources. Online resources can be hard to find. We are happy to curate resource packs for your PLC with topical articles/videos for your students. We can also assist with closed captioning or voiceovers for your videos and direct you to fair use/copyright-free materials! 4. Reading Promotion. We will be offering curbside pick-up for library books! Please direct your students to our page on the AHS website for directions! We will also be bringing a book mobile to under-served neighborhoods and co-hosting book clubs on Fridays with Western, Monticello, and Murray! 5. Technology Assistance. Struggling with your HoverCam? Need help creating a video for direct instruction? Want to know how to use ScreenCastify? Please reach out to us! Have another idea? Need help? Email us at Erica Thorsen ( Monica Laux (