Academy Admissions

​​​Admission Timeline for the 2021-22 School Year

-updated November 24, 2020

This year we are doing something new and different.

The are no applications for rising 9th graders or rising juniors. You will fill out an interest form.​ From the pool of interested students, many, many, rising 9th graders students will be chosen to attend the program for the following year. 
Juniors will also be entered into a pool of names. MESA has a limited number of students based on the number of seats left open from students​ who chose not continue in the program. Typically this is between zero and 6 students. We are limited by class space and staffing.
This process for 9th graders will be the same for all of the academies. Deadlines and links will be posted on the home page when they become available.
The interest form is located here,
Please see our "Questions and Answers" page for more details.​



Contact MESA Director Tony Wayne at (434) 975-9300 x 60624 or ​​​​​​​​