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Course Registration Timeline

December 6th, 2021 - Portal opens and students can start exploring courses (click here for the program of studies) and selecting courses in PowerSchool Portal for the 22-23 school year.

December 9th and 10th- Counselors will present to 9th grade students through their freshman seminar class.

December 15th and 16th- Counselors will present to 10th grade students through their English 10 class.

January 5th and 6th, 2022- Counselors will present to the 11th grade students through their US History class.

  • Information about off-campus courses and Career Learning Communities will be shared during the counselor presentations. Any students interested in these programs, should enter them in their course requests and have a follow up conversation with their counselor. They will also need to fill out the interest form in the PowerSchool portal by 1/28/22. You can access this interest form by logging into the powerschool portal, clicking forms, and then clicking on the Career Learning Community Interest Form.
  • Counselors will reach out to students that attend the Virtual School, Center 1, and the Early College Degree program to go over the information presented to classes.

January 7th at 8am - PowerSchool Portal closes for class selection

January 10th -February Counselors meet with all students individually to talk about courses/options for next year and help them finalize course requests. All families are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings. Sign up days and times will be sent out by your students counselor.

February 14th -March 11th - Teachers will review course selections made by students. If teachers want to recommend a different course than selected by the student, they will provide a written explanation in PowerSchool (using common language for course registration), have a conversation with that student, and contact the parent/guardian

March 14th - April 29th - If students and parents want to make changes after their conversations with teachers, they can contact their counselor to request a change.

Week of April 18th - Counselors will send an individual email with current 22-23 course requests to students and parents to review. Any changes must be requested by April 29th.

*April 29th = Last day to make changes to course requests for the 2022-23 school year*

Additional Important Info:

  • Students are not permitted to request changes to their course requests after April 29th.
  • Students are not permitted to make level changes within the first 9 weeks of school to ensure adequate time for students and teachers to work through any challenges and get properly acclimated to the course.
  • It is particularly important that students and parents ensure course requests are accurate prior to April 29th because this information is used to build the master schedule and determine staffing for the 2022-2023 school year. No changes (including level changes) will be made during the summer. The only changes made at the start of the year are to fix scheduling errors.