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Meet the Student Services Team


The school counselors below have the following student responsibilities. To figure out which counselor is yours, look at the first letter(s) of your last name. There is also a list of Student Services Staff below. To set-up an appointment, please email us individually or call 434-974-4321. 


School Counselors

EL (English Learners) only Teresa Haase
Student Last Names A - Ca Jamie Sherwell
Student Last Names Ce - Fo Lauren Hudson
Student Last Names Fra - Ho Meg Early
Student Last Names Hu - Mas Maren Lennon
Student Last Names Mar - Pi Kristen Restifo
Student Last Names Po - Th Larissa Golovanev
Student Last Names Ti - Whe + AVID Emily Holmstrom
Director of Counseling & Last Names Whi - Z       Meghan Parsons


Student Services Staff

Career Awareness Specialist Tim Hamlette
Community & School Liaison/ Prevention Specialist  Manuel Flores
Counseling Office Associate Rosalyn Morse 
Database Administrator Andrea Spinner
Talent Development Resource Teacher Holly Newman
PVCC Admissions & Outreach Coach Cay Lee Ratliff
Registrar Jeannie Johnson
Social Worker Dawn Monroe 
Social/Emotional Counselor Summer Puopolo
School Nurse Carol Janssens​
School Psychologists

Kim Konold/Jordan Otto

Testing Coordinator Rian Shell
ESOL Family Support Specialists

Ingrid Chalita/Guillermo Guerra Serpas

Region Ten SAP Jasmine Gosa
College Adviser TBD